Wind Power Energy is 24% Cheaper in India Now

Wind Power

The wind industry in india is worried due to sharp fall in price of solar power sector and its quite valid. But for customers, its a good news. Soon the energy or electricity you use at your home and office will go quite cheaper due to sharp fall of price in wind power in India. Many of you won’t believe us saying that wind power price will fall but it’s true. Let’s take an example, just last month there was an auction of for solar energy corporation, and for 1000 megawatts of wind power installation tariff falls from Rs.3.46 per unit to Rs.2.64 per unit.

Wind PowerThis 24% of fall makes the industrialist quite tense but not to worry, the demand of energy in india is quite more that such fall in price can be easily covered. So, comparatively the price of renewable energy in india is quite cheaper than coal based energy which almost cost at Rs.3.20 per unit (while the wind power cost only Rs.2.40 per unit).

The old king of this industry blames increased competition in the wind power sector which has decreased the price. Also, the current ruling narendra modi government too tired to determine wind power energy tariff plans and that resulted the massive reduction in the wind power price. Now government has told the big players to fix the tariff for the renewable energy and pass the benefit to the customer.

But the Industry pundits says this is not the good time to control or determine the fix rates for wind power energy as the industry is yet to develop and should give ways to enter more players. Also, many big companies have ongoing big projects and they can’t disturb the big projects in pipeline and to adjust with the new fix rate policy.

At the time when Indians are ready to use kind of energy using wind, and also available at lowest rate, they are ready to use this more and more. But at the same time, the lower cost will suitable for the industry and there is high risk of disinvestment to investors and lenders. In fact, many industrialist thinking to pull off from the power purchase agreements. But seems this all are pressure tactics which won’t work here.

There is very high demand in india for the energy and such renewable energy option is highly comfortable for the places where it is impossible to reach or transfer coal energy. So, there is very good chance that more and more people will follow and use renewable energy and also it will help the lighten up many homes in india at cheapest rate.

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