Top 4 Gadgets Works on Wind Power

wind power gadgets

The technology is moving at super speed and innovating more and more technology products daily. Same happens with renewable energy, which was quite new for few months back is now old. In fact many scientists have come up with gadgets which produce energy. Yes, its bit unbelievable but its true. Today we are talking about such gadgets only which produce green energy while using it.

wind power gadgetsThese gadgets are very small in size but are quite useful. It can be very good gadgets and proves very helpful to the tribal place where normal coal energy is not reachable. Below is list of some of the renewable energy generating gadgets which are listed here.


This gadget is just produce green energy, no other use are mentioned by producer. This 12 inch long and foldable gadget can produce enough clean energy for you anywhere, to charge your cell phone or laptops. It has 3 blades attached which can be opened to check the wind speed and to use it to produce the clean energy. Below this device, you can find one USB port as well which can be used to charge your phones or laptops. This gadget can charge the battery upto 15,000 mAh.


This is another portable charger which you can wear on your hand as well. It can be helpful for those who used to drive bike, cycle or walk or even trek. This grid charger can charge up to 5Vgadgets and can be used anywhere. Just wear this device on your arms and the attached blades of this gadget will blow by air and will produce clean energy for you. you can find an USB port at the end of this device as well, which you can use it for charging all small devices like cell phones, ipods, camera, laptops etc.


Are you living in desert or in ice or land place? And need renewable energy? Here is sail boat like gadget which can run at super speed and produce clean energy for you. It has a arrow type blades at the top and car like design at the bottom. On the testing it has reached up to 121 MPH of speed which is quite fast velocity to produce any green energy.


This one is for those who need more energy than just charging mobiles and laptops. This is made of wind turbine technology, quite portable still bit heavy (but light in weight). You can use this village, tribal areas for emergency power or when there is natural disaster. It can carry up to 400 Watts of energy for you and can power one or few homes. Its quite easy to install and easy to carry as well.

These are some of the latest gadgets which are designed to use wind power and to generate energy for you. All are having different usage and can be used anywhere in any situation. For traveller to tribal area people to disaster management, all these gadgets can be very useful to all of us.

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